Between The Lines by Andre Wallace

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Saul Jenkins is a new detective just learning the ropes, and he?s already seen his fair share of crime and danger. His boss and most trusted confidant, the Chief, has been his conscience through thick and thin.

One day, after a secret meeting with the FBI, the Chief has a special assignment for him. Saul is picked to take part in a top secret undercover science experiment. He is supposed to go under the knife and have his mind transferred into a seriously injured young woman?s head!

In the fascinating novel Between The Lines, the idea is for Saul to become Isabelle Windlow, the daughter of a wealthy arms supplier. Reluctantly accepting the assignment, Saul puts himself into a task that could rewrite history. After the operation, he learns to adjust being a different person.

Saul?s time in the new body can only last a week, during which he must uncover a possible terrorist plot from a suspected terrorist cell that has placed a large order for undocumented weapons. At the secret sales meeting, Saul reports back what takes place. But Saul, as Isabelle, realizes there could be more happening than he was told, and starts doing his own undercover work. Will Saul thwart the terrorists and escape from his imprisonment that rests Between The Lines in Isabelle?s mind?

About the Author:
A native of Monterey, California, Andre Wallace now lives in Sacramento. He is working on his next novel.

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