Between Rail and River by James Rada Jr.

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Between Rail and River by James Rada Jr.

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The war between the North and the South takes hold on the?Freeman.?

As the Fitzgerald family struggles to make it through the winter of 1862-63 after a poor year of boating on the C&O Canal, the Civil War draws closer to being fought aboard?the?Freeman. George Fitzgerald’s unexpected return from the battles of the Civil War pits him against David Windover, an ex-Confederate spy, who now works and lives with the Fitzgeralds. Alice Fitzgerald struggles to hold her family together as a vindictive sheriff and a haughty doctor’s wife work to tear them apart. Tony, the street urchin from Cumberland, has found a life aboard the?Freeman, but Sheriff Lee Whittaker has other ideas for the ex-thief. Elizabeth Fitzgerald is growing older and finding herself torn between life the canal, nursing the war wounded, and becoming a lady in Washington society. Together, the Fitzgeralds have met every obstacle, but how will they fare if the divisive forces around them separate them?

This new edition celebrates the 20th anniversary of the release of?Canawlers, the first book in the Canawlers series.

Praise from reviewers about the Canawlers series:

Canawlers ?A powerful, thoughtful and fascinating historical novel, Canawlers documents author James Rada, Jr. as a writer of considerable and deftly expressed storytelling talent.? -?Midwest Book Review

?James Rada, of Cumberland, has written a historical novel for high-schoolers and adults, which relates the adventures, hardships and ultimate tragedy of a family of boaters on the C&O Canal. … The tale moves quickly and should hold the attention of readers looking for an imaginative adventure set on the canal at a critical time in history.? -?Along the Towpath

?Mr. Rada presents an interesting slice of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal boatman?s life set against the backdrop of the turbulence and uncertainty of the American Civil War. The use of the canal as a route on the Underground Railroad is also woven into the plot which reveals how hard work, a strong family and difficult times could come together along the canal.? -?Rita L. Knox, Park Ranger, C&O Canal NHP