Before Long by Auralee Arkinsly

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Contentment is a virtue, maybe, but home-buying is sheer romance. Dave Ramsey has said, ?We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.?
Wouldn?t it be grand if laughing about our mistakes could help children make better decisions about home ownership?

BEFORE LONG, is just such an opportunity. You can purchase it in the economically sound-minded paperback version, or the wasteful and shiny hard copy for a house-warming gift.

Reading like Groundhog Day and Garfield, the story of Ernst and Esme’s succession of house-buying remorse will tickle your not-so-funny bone. Initially, the couple rides into the sunset grasping their new house keys, but neighborhood adventures come nuanced with shocking side-shows you may remember from personal experience. Follow these home buyers through Plan B, C, D, E, and F! Before long, Ernst and Esme learn some valuable tips for investing in a dream.

Laugh at your own home buying experiences. Improve the odds of redirecting your passions for buying the perfect house with this 70-page comical, illustrated person business guide.


Before Long?will resonate with anyone who?s had an ?Oh my God, what did we do?? moment after moving into that seemingly perfect situation. I was particularly moved by this book as I?m currently considering my options and found Ernst and Esme?s adventures to be very illuminating. There?s something appealing about that log cabin on a mountainside that convinces the unwary that the snow won?t really be that bad after all. This thoughtful, well-presented and light-hearted book is actually a font of wisdom, one that anyone considering making that move to the home of their dreams should consider reading. You might save yourself a lot of grief and move, which is often the same thing, isn?t it? Arkinsly?s characters seemed like old friends by the time I finished her book, like my tribe even, and their moving adventures seemed to echo many of my own thoughts and fears. Before Long: Sheer Romance of Finding a Home is most highly recommended. – Five Star Review, Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite

“Fictional Ernst and Esme allow you to ride their adventures from buyer’s remorse to the glee of finding a place to belong, just before the pendulum swings to the other side. This is the BEST housewarming or Realtor Thank You gift- especially if they are partial to joy riding!” – Verified Buyer

“For bringing a little tongue-in-cheek gift to home sales, anniversaries, housewarming parties, loan officer and home buyer’s Thank You’s, this is a professional hit. I brought it to closing, and my buyers loved it.” – Charity Bratta, loan officer

Welcome home? Poke fun at a young couple in modern age searching for a place to call home,?Before Long?teases a home buyer’s angst with some broker-realtor humor in this illustrated comedy about personal investments.

If you’ve been wasting funds chasing collections of homes and gadgets to make your life happy, then this is the story for you. In a coffee table gift book,?we get to laugh at ourselves reliving Ernst and Esme’s attempt to land the ideal house in the perfect community?without tackling significant issues. They are about to face the reality of investment basics. But, will they get more than a second chance?

Before Long, all will be well…

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