Ayres and Grace by Ella Carmichael

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Ayres & Grace is a contemporary tale set in London and the Home Counties in which Grace Clarke learns to accept the brutality of fact over the comfort of fiction.

Grace has bought into the family narrative since the day her Aunt Veronica offered her a home at the age of eight, never questioning or independently verifying the tales told throughout her formative years.

A wicked, abusive father (thankfully incarcerated).
A beautiful, gentle mother (tragically killed).
A generous, caring aunt (sadly detached).

Now twenty-five and highly educated, Grace continues to accept everything Veronica has told her about their shared history.

Not even the most closely guarded secrets will keep forever. One chilly November evening, Grace leaves her workplace as normal, not realising that the world as she knows it is crumbling and she is about to be catapulted back in time.

Grace identifies as a modern woman with a defined belief system to match. She does not believe in god, guardian angels, signs, or the supernatural. She certainly does not believe in ghosts. At least not until she becomes one herself.

Time travelling through the decades, Grace observes her family history first-hand. Without the distraction of Veronica?s make belief, she is forced to face some heartrending truths. Careering back and forth between what went before and the challenges facing her in 2019, Grace does her utmost to process both past and present.

What will Grace choose to do with her newfound knowledge?

Will she run and hide? Or will she emerge from her carefully constructed cocoon, spread her wings, and fly?

Rated 16+. if you are offended by the F-bomb please do not read this book. The story explores a variety of adult themes that make it unsuitable for younger readers or those of a sensitive nature.