AWAKE by James M. McCracken

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A dying planet.
A government plan.
What could possibly go wrong?

Earth’s natural resources are nearly depleted. The governments and scientists of the world have come up with a plan to save both mankind and the planet. If the earth can rest from mankind’s interference for just 20 years, it would renew itself. Mankind would have to be placed into stasis in Suspended Animation Centers (SACs).

“Get ready to hit the SAC and have the best rest of your life.”

Timothy Stone is a typical 20-something, paralegal living in Hillsboro, Oregon. Politics never interested him. His days were filled working and helping his mother care for his father who had Alzheimer’s. Like sheep led to the slaughter, they obeyed the government and went to “sleep”.

Waking up Timothy realized that something had gone terribly wrong. His mother and most of the population of Hillsboro were still in stasis but his father was missing. Before he could figure out how to help them, he needed to find his father first.