April's Heart by Shilah Ferr

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April's Heart by Shilah Ferr

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Cheerleader April Schweiter navigates life and love through her turbulent and sexually charged romance with her hot boyfriend, Mitch Hudgins, the love of her life. Is her the love of her life? April really doesn?t know.
Although they are finally a happy couple, April and Mitch decide to break up due to the fact they will be attending different schools far away from each other. But they find they cannot resist each one another, moving on seems impossible. Are they meant for each other or just not meant to be?

Hold on to your hat as April and Mitch with their on again, off again love affair keeps them guessing. It?s
not easy.

?What are we going to do Mitch?” April whispered. ?I don?t know April, I just don?t see how…? This time it was April who kissed him. She didn?t want him to say what he was going to say. Mitch didn?t want to say it anyway. They wanted things to stay the way they they were, but that was impossible.

?I think we?re going to have to break up.? April was crying as she said it. Mitch wiped a tear away with his thumb as he shook his head yes. They made love right there on the pool table, desperately, through April?s sobbing.

What happens to the star crossed lovers as the earth tilts off its axis in protest? You may be surprised.
You?ll love this sexy romance novel with all the drama of high school in the eighties. It?s flirty, spirited, with all the Spotify music links that bring you right to the moment. It?s full of heartbreak and tears, triumph and joy, not to mention April?s dysfunctional family, and of course, infamous bitchy high school girls.
Find out what happens to the lovers who are clearly mad for each other, yet riddled with breakups.

?I miss you April? he began. ?Mitchell, don?t.? she said. He took her face in her hands. She put her hands on his chest. She couldn?t help herself. Marisol yelled again. ?Coach is getting mad April, and hello Mitchell Hudgins!? she giggled. Mitch looked at April. ?I might have told her a little about us.? April confessed. ?I like it when you say ?us?. ?Mitch, don?t,? she repeated. ?I could throw pebbles at your window sometime April,? it was a sexual reference, they were good at that. ?Mitch, stop, I?ve got to go.? There was a long look, topaz to blue. Then a hug. Just a hug. It was painful. She got on the bus and cried into Penny and Marisol?s arms.