Alina's Revenge by Greg Van Arsdale

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  • Publication Date 😕June 3, 2020
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1993. During the Serbian-Bosnian War, twelve-year-old Alina watches helplessly as a band of Serb militia murders her family. Then the ten filthy, bearded men find her. Somehow, she survives the brutal rape. A neighboring family takes her in and helps her. The father is ex-military and eventually begins training her. Ten years pass. Ten years of relentless instruction in firearms, knives and hand-to-hand combat. At last, the day comes when she bids farewell. Now, it is time for revenge.

2003. Although it has been a long time, their faces are seared into her memory. She has a lead on one man from the group of Serbs. She manages to track him down and he ultimately gives up the names and places of his comrades before he dies.

Follow Alina?s action-packed harrowing adventures as she travels from Bosnia, through Eastern Europe and on into Iraq as she relentlessly hunts them down. Along the way, she finds love, and it begins to change her?but is it enough? For soon, the hunter soon becomes the hunted as the head group orders her death. And so while Alina stalks them, they close in on her. What follows is a dramatic showdown that shows just what a woman can do when she is heavily armed.