ABUSE BEATEN by Crystal Mary Lindsey

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ABUSE BEATEN by Crystal Mary Lindsey

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Statistics show the numbers of abuse are rising around the world.
Are YOU or someone that you know a victim of violence?

Or, perhaps you see someone you believe may be heading in this unhappy direction. Abuse has become a pandemic like a disease and is rapidly spreading, even to Christian homes.
In the lines of this book, you will read about a Christian woman who fell into this trap of deception. The signs were there from the beginning, yet love blinded her about the inevitable to come.
When you are a decent person, you believe in and only see the best in others. They know you are na?ve and show no regard or conscience in hurting you by breaking your spirit, piece by piece. They do this physically, emotionally, mentally, and sexually. You are nothing to them ? you are only an object for humiliating and dominating.
How do you leave? Particularly when your Christian faith teaches you that marriage is forever. How can you break your covenant with God? What about your children? What will people say? Especially your Christian friends? Where will you go? What will you do? These questions keep you in bondage.
All seems impossible and is too hard even to consider. Depression sets in ? you feel afraid, lost, and abandoned by everyone.
If only you had listened or understood God?s rule for marriage before thinking you knew it all.
Is it too late for you? Or can you become the person that God wanted you to be from