A Story That's Been Told A Thousand Times by Marie Joseph-Charles

  • Publication date 😕March 2, 2020
  • File size 😕260 KB
  • Publisher 😕Madison Schleibaum (March 2, 2020)
  • Word Wise 😕Enabled
  • Language: 😕English

A Story That's Been Told A Thousand Times by Marie Joseph-Charles

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What happens when two best friends fall in love but don?t know it?? Find out from both points of view!

Suzanne is a sullen but sweet veterinarian in Cincinnati.? As she tells her side of the story, she explains life with her best friend, Frank who introduces her to childhood friends Keith and Ian.? Suz has never had luck in relationships but she thinks her luck has changed when she meets Keith.

In the beginning, Keith is everything Suzanne could want.? He?s sweet, helpful and protective but as the years progress, a different side of him starts to appear.

While Keith is his best friend, Ian always has Suz?s back.? As he tells his side of the story, we see how his feelings towards her grow but, due to his current relationship with Megan, he fails to acknowledge them himself.

Frank sees the development between Suzanne and Ian.? She somehow manages to guide them while her own marriage to Brian collapses and she becomes a single mother of three small children.

It all comes to a head when Keith does something unforgivable and the lovers realize there is only one way to get Suzanne out.

A Story That?s Been Told A Thousand Times is filled with humor, heartache, and characters that are easy to relate to.