A Pocket Guide To Life


This condensed book describes a person?s life path through interaction with Universal energies and their personal goals.
Through curiosity and need, the Creator came to the realization that in order to reach greater fulfillment friendship was needed. Not of a casual nature but something that provided challenges and was capable of becoming equal between the Creator and Humanity. Humanity needs to bridge infinite to finite and back again.
Failure is not an option. The goal needed to be reached incrementally without intervention by the Creator. People need to grow while on their unique path.
Free will, the Unavoidable Influences and the astrological natal chart create everything necessary and sufficient in order to accomplish the goal.
Topics covered are:

  • How it all started
  • The goal
  • Our supporting arena
  • Free will
  • Multiplicity of minds
  • Time and no-time
  • The seven unavoidable influences
  • Astrological influences
  • The support system
  • How to transform

Now it is up to Humanity to mature and find ultimate love, light, joy, and kinship. This occurs when we take absolute responsibility for our life while transforming the unneeded aspects. Knowing your unique natal chart and paying attention to the Unavoidable Influences provide the basis for the ultimate growth through transformation.