A Change of Hate by Mr. Joe Broadmeadow

  • Paperback:?424 pages
  • Publisher:?CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 29, 2017)
  • Language:?English



The truth never dies.
Harrison ‘Hawk’ Bennett is noordinary attorney. Before becoming a defense lawyer, he served as a Green Beretin the Vietnam War, fighting valiantly against the enemy. He bears the scars and suffers the nightmares that go hand in hand with combat.But the past isn’t just the past, and it threatens to consume everything Hawkholds dear.
When a Buddhist monk appears in hisoffice seeking help, Hawk can’t believe his eyes. The serene man standingbefore him is a former Viet Cong colonel Hawk thought he killed fifty years ago– and this ghost of a man is about to shatter Hawk’s reality.
Charged with killing a CIA official,the monk is in dire need of legal representation. But Hawk isn’t so quick tojump to his defense. Fifty years ago, this man was one of Hawk’s many facelessenemies. He knows he doesn’t owe this monk anything, not when those like him killedHawk’s buddies with ambushes and booby-traps.
But Hawk can’t just walk away.There’s something about this case that doesn’t sound right, and it’s up to himto find out why. When the massive power of the American government presses downon this monk, Hawk realizes that they’re hiding something… but what?
Thrust into a shocking conspiracy bythe powers that be, Hawk must use all hisskills to find the truth – not only forhis client but for the American system of justice. But can herekindle the passion and fire he had as a young man? Will his hard-earned wisdomand sense of justice help or add fuel to the fire? Only when Hawk discovers howdeep the rabbit hole goes, and what he mustdo uncover the truth, does the depth of the conspiracy become clear. Is his sense of dedication to the lawenough to overcome the horrors of the past?
And will he be able to survive?
AChange of Hate?is a thrilling andtaut crime thriller that will leave you breathless. Author Joe Broadmeadow hitsit out of the park again with another fast-paced page-turner. Longtime fans have compared him to notable thrillerwriters such as J.D. Robb and Vince Flynn. And once you read?A Change of Hate,?you’ll feel the sameway.