A Beginner's Guide to False Flags by Clint Lacy

  • Publication date 😕August 14, 2019
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False Flags are real, though the Deep State prefers you believe they are the product of ?unhinged conspiracy nuts.?False flags are real and have been used on many occasions to advance nations into war, change regimes or radically sway public opinion. But not every event is a false flag and not every conspiracy theory is correct, as there are literally hundreds of them circulating for every national crisis that is mentioned in the news.And behind the scenes are government forces?domestic and foreign?working to infiltrate and undermine those organizations that best analyze the available data and threaten to expose the perfidy of the false-flag orchestrators.In this book are chapters on some of the best-known false flags in American history and a few chapters on strange events, shootings, and bombings that have spurred some seemingly incredible theories.Author Clint Lacy examines the official narratives of each of these events (and many more) and then provides information that contradicts the official story, proving that we, as citizens, need to be ever vigilant, refusing to accept without independent investigation any scenario the Deep State foists upon us.