2020: or My Name is Jesus Christ and I'm Running for President by Timothy Cooper

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2020: or My Name is Jesus Christ and I'm Running for President by Timothy Cooper

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Anything can happen in American politics. Especially these days.

Timothy Cooper?s novel, ?2020 or My Name is Jesus Christ and I?m Running for President? paints a hilariously envisioned America caught up in presidential politics. In actuality, however, it tells the metaphoric and prophetic tale of the rise of Donald Trump in a carnival campaign for American hearts and minds.

Here Jesus returns to Earth only to find himself pitted against his satanic stepbrother in an all-out contest for the U.S. presidency; indeed, for the very soul of America. Sound vaguely familiar?

And who will win? Well, God only knows; but it’s bound to be unlike any political race you?ve ever seen. Ever.

And likely will again.

Here Reviewers and Goodreads readers weigh in on 2020:

Kirkus Reviews calls “2020” “unique” and “often hilarious satire” and “entertainment tailor-made for fans of political fiction…”

“I absolutely loved this book! It was hilarious and at the same time non-heretical. The author did an amazing job portraying a Christ that is non-political in a time when we need a Christ to be involved in our political process.

“Jesus is not a Republican. Jesus is not a Democrat. Jesus is … Jesus, and he’s got MY vote!” — Pat Gent, Goodreads

Gary Patton from Goodreads also says of 2020, ?The thesis of this book will not be liked by Christians. But, Jesus’ actual Followers will love it and be empowered by it!?

?If this novel is ever understood it will be deemed a great book.? ?-Dean Paul, Goodreads.com