Author Nikki Bolvair

Who is Author Nikki Bolvair? I’m a shameless cinnamon bear lover, who came from a family of ten, and is a wife with two rambunctious kiddo. Please send cinnamon bears to feed the muse. What’s your latest book all about? It’s about a young woman who has fallen in love with three guys. When she […]

Author H.A. Wills

Who is Author H.A. Wills? H.A. Wills is an independently published author of the Amazon Best Selling Series, The Bound Spirit Series. She has a BA of Arts degree, specializing in digital media, but after over ten years working as a graphic designer, she could no longer ignore all the voices in her head and […]

Author Tempie W. Wade

Who is Author Tempie W. Wade? I am a lifelong resident of Virginia and a long-term resident of Williams burg. My interests include travel and history, especially finding the interesting, little known facts that no one else knows about. You can often find me wandering around Colonial Williams burg, Jamestown, or some other historical place. […]

Author Chris Rush?

Who is Author Chris Rush? I have been writing horror and supernatural pieces for a number of years. Folklore, based on Irish lore, was my first release and it quickly became an international best seller. This was followed by my hugely successful second novel All Shall Suffer. I then released my third title The Legend […]

Author Tony Riches

Who is Author Tony Riches? Tony Riches is a full-time author based in Wales UK, best known for his Tudor Trilogy, based on the true stories of the lives of the founders of the Tudor dynasty. What’s your latest book all about? Brandon – Tudor Knight tells the amazing story of Charles Brandon, who became […]

Author D.S. Wrights

Who is Author D.S. Wrights? D.S. ?Dee? Wrights was born 1980 in Germany and is trilingual: speaking German, English, and Dutch. Her name, derivates from her online username, stating ?DarkSigyn writes.? Although she started writing at an early age and published two short stories during high school, Dee never dared of thinking to pursue a […]

Author Aiden L Bailey

Who is Author Aiden L Bailey? I?m an Australian espionage thriller author. I?ve traveled in six continents which has influenced the global settings of my novels. I?m a big fan of James Bond, the books and the films, and that comes through in my stories too. What’s your latest book all about? It?s a technothriller […]

Author Angela Molino

Who is Author Angela Molino? An Italian Yankee transplant from Pennsylvania? now residing in Nashville, Tn. is an authority on all things southern, spiritual, and paranormal. ? Angela comes from a large crazy Italian family and? has lived in Nashville since first grade. She has had several paranormal and spiritual experiences that have lead her […]

Author Angela MacRae Shanks

Who is Author Angela MacRae Shanks? I am a new author, The Blood And The Barley is my debut novel. I wrote the first chapter as a fiction assignment for a writing course I was doing, one of many assignments, and then thought no more about it. On reading it, my tutor told me if […]

Author Barbara M. Britton

Who is Author Barbara M. Britton? Barbara M. Britton is a former California girl who has made Wisconsin her home. She writes Christian fiction for teens and adults. Most of her published books bring little-known Bible stories to light. What’s your latest book all about? Barb stumbled upon a strange story at the end of […]