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Who is Author Terri Peterson?

Well, as my author page on Amazon says:

I was born August 19th, 1969, and spent my adolescent years in a miserably failed experiment in tyranny at a typical secondary school, where I was bullied relentlessly and made fun of.

I left with no regrets, a handful of qualifications for a career in banking (which I turned my back on), and bitter memories of time spent being the object of ridicule by my peers. 

Being myopic, gauche, skinny and flat-chested, sporting a head of rich auburn hair, made me a daily target for abuse, which I escaped by becoming immersed in the fantasy world of writing short stories.

In 1987, I met and married, Simon Peterson and, in 1989 gave birth to my first daughter, Veronica. 

Erin, my second, followed in 1991, forcing me to put my career on hold and concentrate on being a full time mother.

I divorced Simon.shortly after Erin was born.

Juggling a workload around earning money to keep a roof over our heads, I put together the semi-autobiographical story of a woman whose life mimicked that of my own.

The character Suzy Pym was born and a first novel, ‘Plaything’ written..

What’s your latest book all about?

After “Smeared Lipstick”, I wrote “Le Cachot” in two parts – “Joyce’s Choices” and “Smitten Kitten” – and a paperback version containing both parts will be released in May.

My latest work is the sequel to “Smeared Lipstick” and will also be released in two parts.

“Strange Little Girls” is another transgender tale of romance, but I have decided to add a somewhat darker element this time: a killer in heels.

There’s the usual steamy sex, but in “Alice”, I have created something special – a transgender Hannibal Lector, I suppose.

Not quite the cannibal, but a killer nonetheless.

“Alice” is released on May 31st, and “Billie”, the second and concluding part should be out at the end of June.

The full paperback is scheduled for July.

How did you get the idea of writing this book?

All my books are essentially character-driven, so I picture a person, or come across someone in real life, and expand the idea to form the basis of the story, then I let the character dictate where it goes. I usually have an ending in mind when I start, but sometimes I’ll change direction during the writing process, especially if another idea crops up.

It’s that “Oh, wait a minute, what if…?” moment, when everything is thrown into chaos.

If you mean my latest book, well, a friend and fellow author suggested I take the transgender thing to a darker place.

I don’t regret it, but hope my readers enjoy it as much as “Smeared Lipstick”.

I also hope they like the covers too. 

I try to make them appealing, to convey content and I put a lot of work and effort into them.

Where can readers contact you?

Well, I have a Facebook page, (@teepeewriter) which I visit daily, and I’m happy for anyone to contact me there.

I have a Twitter account, but seldom bother with unless I want to try to promote a new release.

I have a Goodreads author page, and an Amazon author page (which allows readers the option of following me, and getting updates about new releases).

Obviously, there’s also this email account, where I’m happy to hear from readers.

I try to answer any question as quickly as possible, but not at the expense of my writing time.

Books by Author Terri Peterson

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