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Who is Author Tempie W. Wade?

I am a lifelong resident of Virginia and a long-term resident of Williams burg. My interests include travel and history, especially finding the interesting, little known facts that no one else knows about. You can often find me wandering around Colonial Williams burg, Jamestown, or some other historical place. I began writing when I inexplicably woke up one morning and had lost partial sight in one eye. I couldn’t do the hobbies that I had done before but quickly realized that writing was something I could do, so I sat down and within one month, I had written 93,000 words, even though I had never written anything like this before. That was less than a year ago, and now I am working on the seventh book in the series. I guess sometimes the universe tells you to “move” and if you don’t, it “moves” you itself. I truly feel like this is now what I am meant to do.

What’s your latest book all about?

A Timely Revolution is a fun historical time-travel adventure. Maggie Bishop finds herself unexpectedly tossed back 235 years in the past. She is a smart woman, and she quickly realizes that she has to find a way to survive in this new environment, which happens to be Williams burg, Virginia. Maggie uses her knowledge of the past to make a new life with the sole intent of not changing the future, planning on staying as far away from the Revolutionary War as possible…until she ends up inadvertently saving the life of George Washington and finding herself caught up in the early beginnings of the Culper Spy Ring. A Timely Revolution is the first book in the continuous series. More is the second, which is currently out, and the third will be published before the end of the year, while I am currently working on Book Seven. The most interesting part of this entire book series is that I methodically researched and used actual historical events and people, weaving them into the story, and adding in many unknown tidbits from history that most people never even know occurred. Many of the characters in the book were some of the real-life folks that lived and worked in Williams burg in the 18th century.

How did you get the idea of writing this book?

I suppose most women have a life of fantasy they kick around in their head from time to time, and with my love of history, this story happened to be mine. It has been interesting, to say the least, to see it come to life on paper.

Where can readers contact you?

Readers can find more information on the series, excerpts, historical facts used in the book, and all sorts of other information, including contact info at which also has links to Amazon, and all of my social media platforms.


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