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Who is Author T.J. Jones?

Well, I’ve worn a lot of hats in life. The few that have meant the most to me have been being a Veteran, an Artist, and an Author. I’ve always had a creative mind, it essentially consumes most of my waking consciousness, so the need to outlet the energy is always there in someway shape or form. Writing is the most expediant way for me.

What’s your latest book all about?

It follows a former fighter pilot who’s adjusting to life outside the cockpit and getting used to sitting in the big chairs. He’s excited to start a fresh new chapter in life after a closing the previous one prematurely and rather painfully. The first mission of the Odyssey illustrates that No good plan survives the first shot however, and Adrian Rain is forced to adapt and overcome a number of challenges to save his ship and crew.

How did you get the idea of writing this book?

I grew up on science fiction. From the big leagues like Star Trek/Wars, and BattleStar Galactica, Babylon Five, Space Above and Beyond (That may date me a bit as well as out my geekness) to some of the newer stuff like Altered Carbon and The Expanse. So my love of Science fiction paired with being a vet was always a comfortable wheel house. From there it just boiled down to a setting and story. I liked the idea of a fish out of water adjusting to wildly crazy and continuously shifting circumstances. Always feeling like life is constantly changing the rules of the game, because it’s never really fair is it? So how do you beat? You make your own rules.

Where can readers contact you?

My email is a good start, or they cand find me on my facebook page at as well. If they really want to get cozy with me and they’re tech savy enough I’ve also got a discord server set for the Odyssey’verse. I like to try and be as available and chatty as possible, so I tend to play a bit with twitter too on . So if anyone wants to chat by all means look me up, I’d love it. 

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