Author Susan Violante

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Who is Author Susan Violante?

Born and raised in Venezuela of Italian immigrants, Susan completed a BA in Political Science and Business Administration before moving to the US . Although she built a career as a Business Analyst/Accountant, she also kept herself active as a freelance writer in the US; publishing articles, poetry, children’s stories, and illustrations since 1996. She published her first book in 2009, and released her revised edition: Innocent War: Behind An Immigrant’s Past – Book 1 in 2011. Her picture book: Tuma: The Tribe’s Little Princess was published in early 2013 under her own label. Currently, Susan Violante is currently the Managing Editor/CEO of I Have Something to Say Press/Author/Reviewer/Publicist and Indie Author since 2010. She resides in Austin, TX with her husband (Michel), her two  and her three dogs (Peggy, Canela and Nutela). Susan is mother of two adult daughters and a caregiver to her elderly parents (now also residing with her and her husband). She enjoys cooking, reading, knitting, painting, writing, gardening, and any outdoor activity. 

What’s your latest book all about?

I have published Innocent War, revised edition back in 2011 in the young adult format. I am currently working on “Emerging From Rubble” which tells the story of a young boy who grew up during WWII in Libya and Italy; came of age during extreme poverty during the re-build of post-war Italy and became an immigrant as he embarked on a life adventure out to sea towards Venezuela with one way ticket.

How did you get the idea of writing this book?

I have always craved to get to know better my father. I grew up close with my mother, but my father was always traveling for work. When I had my first daughter, I suggested to him to tape his anecdotes and stories about his life so that I could type it in a journal for his grand kids to read some day. The stories I found on his tapes were so incredible and mind blowing to me, I decided to make a book out of it

Where can readers contact you?

Readers can write to me at or visit 


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