Author Sahara Kelly

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Who is Author Sahara Kelly?

Sahara is a transplanted Brit, who arrived in the US single, got married, had a son and began to write. She grew up not far from Jane Austen’s home in Hampshire, UK, and Regencies were always near and dear to her heart. First published over thirty years ago, Sahara sort of accidentally fell into the Internet once her son hit high school, and the lure of the digital book sang loudly in her ear. Since then? The sky’s the limit. With her son married, Sahara is now a full time writer, part time graphic artist and mother of cats, living near Washington DC. She’d like to have a hobby or two, but truthfully? There just isn’t time, because she’s busy doing what she loves best – writing!

What’s your latest book all about?

It’s a Regency set romance, and since I adore that time period, I am always poking around for interesting ideas. Most Regency fans are familiar with “Almack’s”, a social club that grew into one of the most important places in London for the unmarried young lady to find a husband. It held an “evening” event – dancing, flirting and terrible food, apparently – every Wednesday during the social Season. It occurred to me that the space must have been limited, but the number of young ladies wasn’t, so….what did the rest of them do? In my book many of them gather at the “Wednesday Club”, hosted by an elegant couple, and offering much the same as Almack’s, only with better food. Each book tells the story of one young lady and the romance she finds at these events.

How did you get the idea of writing this book?

Research. Most writers will tell you that the “R” word, (research) is important. For historical romance writers, it’s crucial!!!! Historical romance readers are the most wonderful people in the world, but gosh, they know their stuff. We writers HAVE to get it right, otherwise we hear about it, long and loud. LOL So I spent some time researching Almack’s, from its inception in the late 1700s, its acknowledged location on King street, the patronesses and so on. I can only hope I got it all right…

Where can readers contact you?

In the event I got some of it wrong, readers can always contact me at my email addy… In fact I love to hear from them, any time, about anything at all! Without them, I’d be scrawling my stories on my walls with lipstick! Readers are why we do what we do. I hope they know how much they matter.


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