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Who is Author Roy M. Griffis?

Decided to be a writer when I was ten, never looked back. I’ve written poetry, short stories, plays, and screen  I’ve worked a number of pay-check jobs (waiter, janitor, salesman) and some meaningful ones (I was the 62nd Aviation Rescue Swimmer in the Coast Guard).  Along the way, discovered I like helping people, where I can, in the real world.  Also came up with what might be my “writing theology,” which is this:  We make sense of the world through story.  The most important story of all is the one we tell ourselves about ourselves.  If you don’t like your life…change the story you are telling yourself.  In short, Change your Story, Change your Life.

What’s your latest book all about?

It’s the conclusion of my historical fiction saga “By the Hands of Men.”  An English Lieutenant and an immigrant Russian nurse meet scarcely a mile from the bloody trenches of World War One France, where they witness the hell that the hands of men can create.  The memory of their brief weeks together will follow them for years as they cross a world staggered by war, revolution, and duplicity.  Epic historical fiction, the saga sweeps across four continents in a gripping tale of fate, loss, redemption, and love.

I don’t want to say too much about the details, because I don’t want to spoil the discovery of it for new readers.  The title of the last book is “Ringside at the Circus of the Fallen,” which might give a clue to what’s going on.

How did you get the idea of writing this book?

It’s all one long story, to be honest.  The germ of the idea for the series began decades ago when a set dresser for one of my one-act plays told me a story she’d heard from her grandfather who fought in World War I.  As she recalled it, he said the worst thing about fighting in the Great War had been being trapped in the trenches and listening to the screaming of the wounded horses, and being unable to anything about it.  That story stuck me with over the years, and I always wondered “How could anyone hear that and not want to help?”  That was the beginning of the journey, and Book Six is the end of the journey for my characters.

Where can readers contact you?


 My website, on Facebook at Roy M. Griffis – Storyteller.  Love to hear from readers!Roy M. Griffis

Books by Author Roy M. Griffis

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