Author Rebecca Bogart & Jenny Peters

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Who is Author Rebecca Bogart & Jenny Peters?

I co-write with my sister Jenny Peters.  We’ve both been performing and teaching music our whole lives, and started writing ukulele books for complete beginners together in 2013. More about us here:

What’s your latest book all about?

21 Easy Ukulele Folk Songs has 21 favorite traditional songs including “Happy Birthday” and “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” in easy ukulele arrangements. Jenny is a whiz at creating arrangements that sound good and are easy to play on the ukulele.  We include a lesson video for each song in the book which readers can access at our website,, plus a lot of tips on learning the chords, strums, and songs. 

21 Easy Ukulele Folk Songs is our sixth ukulele book.  We included a lot of different versions of each song and tips for folks to make their own versions of the songs. Readers can see the whole series here:

How did you get the idea of writing this book?

We got the idea from the book by asking our fans what they would like us to write about next!  We’re working on 21 Easy Ukulele Hymns which will be released late Spring 2019 because our fans said that’s they would like us to do hymns after the folk songs book. 

We have a weekly newsletter for fans where we send out a new lesson video with free sheet music every week. Folks can sign up for it at

Where can readers contact you?

Readers can get in touch with me at or  We’re also on Facebook at, Youtube at and Instagram at


Books by Author Rebecca Bogart & Jenny Peters

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