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Who is Author H.A. Wills?

H.A. Wills is an independently published author of the Amazon Best Selling Series, The Bound Spirit Series. She has a BA of Arts degree, specializing in digital media, but after over ten years working as a graphic designer, she could no longer ignore all the voices in her head and decided to start writing their stories down. The Southern California native dreams of far off places, but knows she’s too spoiled with all the state has to offer to ever stray too far from home. When she’s not glued to her computer, she enjoys long weekends reading and the occasional game of D&D.

What’s your latest book all about?

Free Spirit is the second installment of The Bound Spirit Series and the continuing story of Callie, a seventeen-year-old girl with a troubled past looking for a fresh start. In the first book, Bound Spirit, after moving into a small town in Oregon with her aunt, she befriends 5 guys that turn out are supernatural creatures and she is too! In Free Spirit, she knows what she is and is learning to deal with her new reality, her growing attractions to her friends, trouble with bullies at school,  and firebugs with murderous intent. It’s a roller coaster ride of teenage angst and supernatural life.

How did you get the idea of writing this book?

Originally, Bound Spirit and Free Spirit were a single book, but in the middle of writing it, my editor and I realized the book was way too long and by breaking the book apart, it allowed time to develop the characters more. So the idea for Free Spirit wasn’t so much an “ah ha this is what the book will be about” than a natural continuation of the first book. The Bound Spirit Series is expected to be a 10 book series that ranges from YA to NA and is written with the intent that the books have been read in order.

I’d highly encourage anyone interested in reading Free Spirit, to pick up Bound Spirit first.

Where can readers contact you?

There are a couple of places. I have a form on my website,, as well as an author page on Facebook,

For more direct day to day interactions, as well as access to monthly new content,

I encourage readers to join my Facebook group, The Bound Spirit Coven, at Hope to see you all there! 

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