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Who is Author David Field?

I spent my first 40 years in the UK, where I practised and taught criminal law.  Then I emigrated to Australia, following the same career and writing as a hobby.  When I retired, novel writing became fulltime, and I was picked up by my publishers, Sapere Books.  They asked for a crime novel set in Victorian London, and I began with ‘The Gaslight Stalker’, an alternative ‘take’ on the Jack the Ripper legend.  Then I so fell in love with my main characters, husband and wife sleuths Esther and Jack Enright, and Jack’s wily police uncle Percy, that I couldn’t leave them alone, and the final series runs to 8 novels, the last one of which is ‘The Lost Boys’.

What’s your latest book all about?

It’s all about two boys missing from a private boarding school in Essex, who are somehow mixed up with cargoes that are going missing from a German freighter making regular deliveries to Tilbury Docks.  Jack Enright, as the Inspector in charge of the dock police, and Uncle Percy from Special Branch, make the connection after some undercover work by Jack’s wife Esther, but their final encounter with those responsible results in a life-threatening stand-off with firearms in the back yard of an Essex pub.

Where can readers contact you?


 I can be contacted on my author website
 David Field

Books by Author David Field

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