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Who is Author Darrell Gibbs?

Darrell Gibbs is the loving father of three children and five grandchildren. He has many hobbies such as genealogy, reading, writing, playing guitar, woodworking and collecting hockey memorabilia. Darrell retired as a Master Warrant Officer after a successful 29 year military career in the Canadian Armed Forces. He finally retired for good after a further 9 year career with the Public Service 2015. He also earned the ‘Presidents Honour Award’ as a Computer Technician while attending Sir Sanford Fleming College in Peterborough, Ontario.

Darrell is the author of ’38 Family Tree Research Resources’, also of ’22 Steps in Researching Your Family Tree’ and soon to be released ‘New Leaves – A Beginner’s Resource Guide in Discovering Your Ancestors‘ available 1 May 2019. Darrell is currently writing a fictional historical novel called ‘WESSEX REIGN’ a trilogy book series called the ‘UNITED ENGLALAND SERIES’.

Genealogy is a passion in discovering your personal history from your ancestors. Because of genealogy Darrell wants to help new genealogists and guide them in starting their family trees so they can leave a legacy for their future generations.

What’s your latest book all about?

Free Resources for ‘The Frugal Genealogist’

This ebook is the ideal companion for new genealogists who are researching their Canadian ancestors. The book is about providing new genealogists or family historians who want to start a family tree and who are on a tight budget to access FREE search resources on their ancestors.

The ’38’ website resources will help any family detective gather clues to their past about Canadian ancestors. They will get information from Birth or Baptismal Certificates; Marriage Certificates; Death Certificates; Census Records; Ship’s Manifests or Logs; Military Records and much more.

The ebook is a valuable desktop companion for researchers in their genealogical journey to find out who they are and where they came from. The information they discover will enable them to create and leave a legacy for their descendants and future generations.

How did you get the idea of writing this book?

I first got the idea for the book when I was researching my family tree. I needed a resource to help me in getting information on my Canadian ancestors. 

Where did my ancestors come from? 

I had birth and death dates on a lot of my family but I wanted documented facts for these records about my forefathers. Getting that information was very time consuming. I needed and wanted more information that was free. I am on a pension and money constraints was an issue. I was also curious if there was any step-by-step procedure online in helping me with my research. There were a lot of websites with different steps but nothing was concrete for the research that I wanted to concentrate on. I decided to write my first book called ’22 Steps in Researching Your Family Tree’ to help guide new family historians. After I finished the book, I decided to write another self-help genealogy book for new genealogists in researching their Canadian ancestors, that was when ‘38 Family Tree Research Resources’ was born. As soon as I released the book I had the idea that I could write another ebook for other family historians researching for ancestors around the world and that is when ‘New Leaves’ came to life.

Where can readers contact you?


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Additional Info: New Podcast called ‘22 Steps Podcast’ available on the following websites. Presently there are 4 episodes available and episode 5 being released soon. The podcast can be heard or downloaded from the links below:


Books by Author Darrell Gibbs

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