Author Chris Rush?

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Who is Author Chris Rush?

I have been writing horror and supernatural pieces for a number of years. Folklore, based on Irish lore, was my first release and it quickly became an international best seller. This was followed by my hugely successful second novel All Shall Suffer. I then released my third title The Legend of Loftus Hall, which also quickly reached the top 100 which was followed by my latest book 13 Dead. I have a huge fascination with the horror genre, and I will continue to build my catalogue to help put me firmly on the map in the world of horror.

What’s your latest book all about?

The Legend of Loftus Hall is a story based on the legend associated with Loftus Hall, which is reported to be one of Ireland’s most haunted locations. It centers around the family who were on the estate at the time whom were visited by a mysterious dark stranger on a stormy night. During a card game in the house, the stranger reveals his true evil identity, which in turn causes explainable events to occur in and around Loftus Hall.

How did you get the idea of writing this book?

Loftus Hall and it’s legend is a well known story in Ireland. I got the idea from hearing numerous accounts of the story, working closely with the owner to help develop the book and also being an investigator with Paranormal Researchers Ireland was very beneficial as we carry out regular public and private investigations in Loftus Hall which helped give me a great insight on how to develop its atmosphere in the book so to speak.

Where can readers contact you?

I’d be delighted if you could check out my website which is

You can also find my horror page on Facebook which is Facebook and follow me on Twitter


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