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Who is Author Barbara Ali?

Barbara Ali spent most of her adult life traveling the world as she served a career with the U.S. Air Force. An avid photographer, world traveler, adventurer, and mom, she and her husband Abdulhamid live in Milwaukee, where they have a “yours, mine, and ours” family of six children. The youngest, Omar, was born with Down syndrome, and has been her inspiration for creating a life filled with fun. His love of the outdoors, along with his free spirit, spurred her to do and see more. Together they create new adventures every day.

What’s your latest book all about?

Wisconsin Haiku is the second book of my Haiku series. It was created as a way to showcase some of my best photos. Photography started as a hobby for me when my son was unable to communicate as a toddler. Because of the Down syndrome, his speech was delayed and we used photos to show him places or people we’d be seeing. We travel a lot, but most of my Wisconsin photos came from weekend trips I made around the state to capture what it is that people love about living and visiting here. Some well known touristic places are included, but there are also some off the beaten path discoveries. The Haiku just adds a bit of the history or lesser known details about the places. I still have two other Haiku books in the works featuring America’s National Parks, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

How did you get the idea of writing this book?

I got the idea to write Haiku because I’m part of a weekly writer’s group and had recently completed a series of 13 childrens’ adventure books about my son, Omar. I was stumped about what I could write but didn’t want to show up empty handed. I had a Facebook friend who would often write Haiku, and I thought why not try it? I had to look up the rules. 3 lines. 5-7-5 syllables, though the rules are fairly loose in writing circles. Then I looked to my computer files of photos for inspiration. Everyone loved them, and the Haiku soon became a book.

Where can readers contact you?

Readers can find me at my Facebook author page   Instagram and Twitter


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