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Who is Author Barbara Bentley?

I grew up in a small blue-collar town in Northern California, where I pedaled my bicycle to the local park to collect discarded soda bottles to pay my way to the Saturday matinee, read Nancy Drew mysteries, met with friends for bowling and roller skating excursions, and buried my nose in my school books. I continued my university education while working full time and graduated Summa Cum Laude. When life threw me an unexpected curve (my husband tried to murder me), I wrote my first book “A Dance with the Devil: A True Story of Marriage to a Psychopath” to help others understand the crazy making world of psychopaths.  I feel blessed that my story was picked up by a NY agent and a NY publisher. My story has been featured on Dateline NBC, the Lifetime Television show “Final Justice” hosted by Erin Brockovich and the Canadian network VIVA in their series “The Devil You Know.” In 2009, I won the prestigious Paul H. Chapman award from the Foundation for the Improvement of Justice in Atlanta, Georgia, for my role in changing the no-fault divorce law that had further victimized abuse victims seeking a divorce. I have spoken to many groups to share my story about how domestic violence can creep into one’s life without even knowing that it is happening. I also share that a devastating event does not have to overshadow the rest of one’s life. I have now been happily married to a wonderful man for 22 years and we share our home with our 17 year old cat. 

What’s your latest book all about?

“The Little Book of Success” shows that anyone can gain success with four tools: passion, planning, patience and persistence. I use everyday examples from four events in my life to illustrate how these tools turned my dreams into reality. The reader follows me through changing a law, building a home (yes, I rolled up my sleeves and did roofing, plumbing, electrical, etc.), writing a published book, and pursuing my university degree. At the end of each chapter, there are questions to “Give it Some Thought” and a few lined pages for the reader to jot down ideas that emerge. It is my hope that the reader will use this inspirational book to help them achieve success. The book is small on purpose. It’s meant to be an easily portable, quick guide to achieving one’s dreams. It is self-published because it is too small to fit into a publisher’s standard offering. The book has been professionally edited to provide the reader with a well-written piece.

How did you get the idea of writing this book?

When I finished writing my first book, I decided that I liked to write. But what to write? I had written about a strong woman the first time. I decided I would write about another strong woman, an aristocrat who became a rebel and participated in the Easter Rising of 1916. As I started my research, my inner voice kept telling me that there was another book that must be written first. I needed to share the tools that I had found while writing my first book. I needed to help others achieve their dreams. Try as I might to get started with my novel, the little voice kept nagging until I said, “Okay. Okay. I will write how passion, planning, patience and persistence propelled me to success. I will share how we all can make a difference for ourselves and for others.”

Where can readers contact you?


I will always respond to emails and you can send to:


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