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Who is Author B. Roman?

Barbara Roman (aka B. Roman) is the author of the inspirational Moon Singer series (trilogy and prequel) and the suspense fiction, “Whatever Became of Sin?”)  As Barbara Roman, she is the author of two children’s fantasy books:  “Alicia and the Light Bulb People in Star Factory 13” and “Hubert in Heaven – a hi-tech angel gets his wings.” Because of her music background as a professional singer, most of her books have their roots in music theories and metaphors, entwined with the magic and mystery of metaphysical concepts and matters of ethics, faith, compassion, love, and heroism.

What’s your latest book all about?

Even in death a mother guides her son through triumphs and tragedies to his true destiny.

Billie Nickerson must accept her own mortality as the only way she can assure her son will receive the intuitive gifts he was born to inherit, to save her family – and perhaps the world – from a disastrous fate. But learning that she has died too soon creates a Karmic crisis as Billie tries to escape the afterlife and return to her loved ones.

In this chilling prequel to The Moon Singer Trilogy (The Crystal Clipper, The War Chamber, The Wind Rose) we learn the uncanny circumstances that informed Billie Nickerson’s decision to raise her son, David, to become a seeker of spiritual truth.  As his teacher and mentor she gave him the courage to overcome his unexpected deafness, to excel at music – and to hear the voice within that speaks from his soul.

Though Billie’s life is fraught with danger and dark spirits, and the power that David acquires places him in grave jeopardy, the story is an illustration of a mother’s love and devotion that transcends the boundaries of the here and the hereafter.

How did you get the idea of writing this book?

After I wrote the Moon Singer Trilogy, I realized there was one important story that was not fully told:  that of David’s mother, Billie Nickerson, who was his mentor, his guide, his music inspiration. This is Billie’s story, her life before becoming David’s mother and how she came to realize that her destiny was intertwined with his throughout many lifetimes.

Where can readers contact you?

They can follow me on Twitter at @BMoonSinger1

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