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Who is Author B. D. Love?

Raised in and around Detroit, under a different name, and have moved all over the country, though I now recall Los Angeles as my one true home.  I started off writing poems and stories, gave up after I got my MA in creative writing at Syracuse, and became a punk musician, then gave up music to write poems and stories, and now I’m back in music, working with Maura Kennedy on what I guess you’d call American Art Songs.  Long road.

What’s your latest book all about?

Well, it is about being in a band, and about loving the impossible, whether it be a woman or art.  So I guess it’s about how dreams die badly and their ghosts linger on a long while hoping for some sort of resolution that probably never arrive.  I think I wrote about the death of rock and roll, “the dream is over” as Lennon sang, via the murder of one true believer.  Maybe I am a ghost as well.

How did you get the idea of writing this book?

I was in a band with a bunch of losers, and I sought revenge.  Ha.  Actually, I was in a band with a bunch of losers and I wanted to redeem something out of the ordeal.  I tried the story several different ways.  One was a memoir and that didn’t work, because being in a band is not all that interesting, really, and I have been in a few. Then I tried it as sort of an traditional experimental piece — I know, an oxymoron–  through several points of view, and that failed.  And I remembered that the great Anthony Burgess wrote a book about his “99 Best” novels in English since I don’t know, the modern era, and he got flack for including Raymond Chandler’s The Long Goodbye.  I read it and decided Burgess was right:  Chandler is one hell of a writer.  So I spent a long summer reading all of Chandler, and the experiences that were the basis of ATP fell into a mystery pattern.  I wanted it to be like punk:  noisy, fast, and over with quick.  None of my other work is genre fiction, either as B. D. Love or as Lan Yan.
Oh, I later got in a band with real musicians.  It was called My Sin.  It was really good.

Where can readers contact you?

Best via my personal email at this point: My website at isn’t forwarding all the time.


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