Author Alex G. Zarate

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Who is Author Alex G. Zarate?

I am originally from Texas and have bounced around the U.S. for most of my life, currently living in California.  I dabble in photography, videography and graphic design.  My passion remains in writing and intend to follow my creative endeavors full time some day.

I am currently populating a new site on Google that provides more information about me.  You can check it out here: 

What’s your latest book all about?

Connections in Crimson is about Tommy, the main character of the series who has a special connection with his cat.  Their connection allows him to see thought images and memories.  This is similar to mind reading that also pulls memories from objects and places.  In Connections, he goes on a camping trip with a group and tries to grow closer to the girl he likes.  Unfortunately, danger is fast approaching and soon the entire campsite is in crisis.  

I have a page on my site for this book you can check out:

How did you get the idea of writing this book?

The idea for Connections came from a few places.  One was my own awkward self during childhood.  I was always nervous when speaking to others.  I recall thinking how my relationship attempts could have been a skit on a comedy show.  Another element I added to the book was seeing an old movie called Dragon Slayer.  There was a scene with burning water that always stuck with me.  I wondered what kind of event could cause a lake to burst into flames and the story grew from there.  As I began writing the book, I imagined the scene as if it were a nightmare from one of the characters.  By the end, the nightmare becomes real.

Where can readers contact you?

Readers can contact me at this email.  Someday I will set up a separate one just for readers but for now, this works.


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