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Who is Author Aleta Edwards?

I have been a psychologist for almost 30 years, and I saw that so many people suffering from anxiety, panic, depression, some eating disorders, etc. suffered from shame and perfectionism.  I noticed a constellation of traits I call PCS, for perfectionism, control issues, and shame.  There are other traits as well.  These issues cause so much pain and suffering, and yet have underlying issues that they are meant to defend against.  I wanted to reach out to many more people than I could seeing them one on one, because I saw so very many high functioning people suffering in silence, until there was a crisis.  There are also exercises designed to help the reader look inward without shame or judgment.

What’s your latest book all about?

People often feel trapped by their choices, situations, and  feelings, brought about by past hurts.  Life is difficult and everyone has emotional wounds.  Their wounds can affect adults in chronic and painful ways,  with problems ranging from jobs and relationships to self-esteem and decision-making.  Ways of coping that enabled people to survive when there were no choices no longer serve them, and they might not understand why they keep getting “stuck” with repeating issues. 

When we  have difficulties in the present, we bring our whole self, our strengths  and  our emotional hurts, with us.  For this reason, I believe that whatever brings people into therapy, they all have a life history that must be heard and respected to understand who they are today. 

Many  instances of anxiety and depression, as well as a host of other painful issues,  are rooted in shame and perfectionism, which are two of my special  interests and the topic of my best-selling book, Fear of the Abyss, available both in paperback and as an ebook.

Where can readers contact you?

There is an excerpt of my book on my website,, and looking at that is maybe the best way to get an idea.  My contact information is also on the website.


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