Author Aiden L Bailey

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Who is Author Aiden L Bailey?

I’m an Australian espionage thriller author. I’ve traveled in six continents which has influenced the global settings of my novels. I’m a big fan of James Bond, the books and the films, and that comes through in my stories too.

What’s your latest book all about?

It’s a technothriller in the style of Jason Bourne or Mitch Rapp, set predominately in Africa involving cyberterrorists who hack the U.S. Government and impersonate the President online. They then use fake news to pervert global politics and start several wars. The Benevolent Deception is going through a major edit and I’ll re-released it soon as Threat Intelligence. The sequel will quickly follow. Lots of actions, intrigue and unexpected twists.

How did you get the idea of writing this book?

I got interested in how machine learning and artificial intelligence technology could profoundly impact current geopolitics and the future state of reliable online information. 

My novel is a “fifteen minutes into the future” investigation on how this technology could ‘hack’ the current geopolitical environment and change it dramatically with no one noticing.

Where can readers contact you?

My website is and you can contact me at

You can buy my books on Amazon


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